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Paris Paris Paris
Corinne Vionnet

Corinne Vionnet has been working on mass tourism and the massive circulation of images. Paris Paris Paris follows on from the series that made her famous. After studying several destinations, the artist turned her attention to one of the most photographed cities, and found numerous sites and monuments that feed an uninterrupted flow of images. The Swiss artist transforms the raw material she works with: standardized snapshots of hyper-frequented places that feed social networks. In this book project, the artist presents the works in the Paris Paris Paris series in a highly original way. She stages them with the help of two graphic counterpoints that offer several keys to her approach and subject matter. Silhouettes pile up on the pages, and double printing on the same paper enhances the effect of chaos. 
Her images, which reveal nothing of the considerable work involved in their creation (archive research, crowdsourcing and collage), question our collective imaginary and tourist behavior. Why do we always take and share the same images?

Published by RVB BOOKS in 2024 
Text by Anne de Mondenard 
Designed by Nicolas Polli 
110 p, 85 images, 24 x 29.5 cm, dustjacket, French/English.
ISBN: 978-2-492175-38-1, 38€ 
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Almost There 
Corinne Vionnet 
With the cooperation of Laurent Pavy for the artist book

Each day, millions of tourists, behind the screen of their smartphones, take millions of photos around the world. Alongside the targeted subjects (a monument, a building, an artwork, any attraction point), these pictures often include glimpses of other tourists or passers-by, sometimes accidentally appearing on the edges of images. The compositions can be rough and the bodies cut, showing only legs, an arm with its smartphone extension, the back of a neck.
In “Almost There”, Corinne Vionnet chose to focus on online pictures taken in Bilbao, souvenirs of Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim, Jeff Koons’ Puppy, Louise Bourgeois’ Spider. Anonymous parts of people have been captured, fragmented by the framing. These people are almost there, without being identified nor desired: they are entering or leaving the frame. It remains to be seen whether the thousands of photographers themselves were really there too, or if, in a constantly mediated world, we all lost the sense of immediate presence.

Published by RRose Editions in 2023
Edition of 100 handmade copies
13 x 19 cm, 34 C-Prints
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The Hitchhiker 
Corinne Vionnet

I remember that I was following several webcams interested in a specific subject, and on one of the webcams, a person was standing on the side of the road. After several observations, this person seemed to be hitchhiking and I couldn't stop coming back to this webcam to see what was going on. Was he taken by a car?
A common place, an anonymous person, his unknown destination, nevertheless glued me on my screen. And I was realizing that I was monitoring. 

The time of the webcam indicated also brings a relationship to time. Time of this "meeting", time behind my screen to observe, time of the hitchhike. 

But in fact, was this hitchhiker taken by a car, or did he disappear from the webcam frame? 
Self-published in 2022; 48 pages; size 165x100mm; laser print; softcover stapled.

50 copies 

Total Palm Tree 
Corinne Vionnet

Corinne Vionnet’s Total project is an examination of symbols, viewing them as they are transmitted and multiplied, and as they experience processes of transformation and collapse. Vionnet has located a small cluster of motifs, which she examines through processes of reproducibility - our media ecologies and systems of production and reproduction.

In Total Palm Tree, a scanner and a postcard printing process exchange an emblem of exotic paradise, until it is both scorched and flooded on its way to disappearance.
(Short extract - Duncan Wooldridge, 2021) 

Self-published in 2021; 50 pages; size 270x190mm; Indigo printing; softcover with Relicoil binding.

120 copies 

Souvenirs d’un Glacier 
Corinne Vionnet

Over the years, Corinne Vionnet has collected postcards of the Rhône glacier, spanning almost one century of images. Strikingly, but not so surprisingly, the pictures chosen have all been shot from the same perspective, from an "ideal" spot that reveals the glacier in its archetypal form and the roads that take us there - as is often the case with touristic attractions - a pattern of repetition and supersposition that Vionnet explored for instance in her Photo Opportunities series. There is a difference, however, between monuments as the Taj Mahal, the Rome Coliseum, the Eiffel Tower and landscapes as the Rhône glacier. The latter is not fixed in eternity. When looking at these postcards, the artist noticed a movement: the gradual melting of the ice, the accelerated "retreat" of the glacier. What was a reflection on space became a gaze on time, or more precisely, the two dimensions intertwined in a sequence of images. As in Vionnet's work Total Flag, the image converges gradually towards some sort of emptiness or abstraction. The pattern is loosing its significance, exhausted to the core. In other words, will we still need postcards of the Rhône glacier any longer?
Published by RRose Editions in 2019; 12 color images; size 220x330mm; Board book; Papyrus Multi Art Silk; Printed at Grafiche Veneziane; ISBN 978-2-9556712-5-2.
200 copies.
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The Fall
Corinne Vionnet & Laurent Pavy 

The Fall is intended to be an allegory of human decline.
This first episode is the result of our research into, and perception of, the way in which the Earth’s resources are being depleted.
As a consequence of imminent ecological destruction, we are facing an uncertain future, with an aggravation of tensions and an increase in the risk of violent conflict.
Water turning into blood symbolises the emerging threats.
Created by computer-generated imagery, the waterfall gives a picture of a world built on artificial values, and on the illusion of a better future.
The slowness and insistence of these images illustrates our long, slow and, above all, inevitable fall. 
self-published POD (first copy in October 2018); 922 pages; 450 images color; Softcover; screw post binding; housed in a case.
Printed in our studio

5 copies
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Corinne Vionnet

Insistent and persistent presence of a sky, which we photograph and share. Skies that are different and the same for each of us. Multiple skies, multiples of skies. Image after image, these clichés pile up and by this abundance, it surpasses its own meaning, and the real world practically disappears in this multitude of representations.

CIELS is a landscape composed of lines of pixels from several images from the Web. It relates a multiple presence, traces of a moment for each one of us, skies that have become a sky, the same for all of us. 
self-published in 2020; 40 pages (16 images + 2 covers); size 28x18cm; B&W Risograph printing on Fedrigoni paper and laser on transparencies; softcover with elastic binding.
75 copies 

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Automated Matterhorn 
Corinne Vionnet
Selection of Webcam images of the Matterhorn, based on the mountain being absent as hidden by the clouds, however present as the sensor of the camera embeded the shape of the Matterhorn - burned by constantly repeating the same thing.

Collected by Corinne Vionnet, 2013-2017.
Self-published in 2019; 20 pages; size 125x220mm; Softcover with filing clip; laser printing on transparency. The artist book is entirely done at Vionnet's studio. 
50 copies, signed 

What Remains 
Corinne Vionnet & Rahel Zoller 

What remains of that time? Two artists, Corinne Vionnet and Rahel Zoller exchange memories of their experiences during the recent pandemic, of the long slow present that enveloped much of the world and provided times of worry and anxiety, but also moments to pause and reflect. 

self-published in 2020; 40 pages; size 210x15mm. 
Artist book designed by Rahel Zoller
edition of 25 

ME. Here Now 

Eerily seductive, these images reference a number of current hot topics in visual culture: the changing definition and parameters of photography itself; the compulsive taking, archiving, and sharing of images; the outsourcing of memory, surveillance, and the startling number of hours that are spent in isolation and in front of screens of one sort or another, every day.

Short extract of the text "THEM. THERE. THEN.", by Marvin Heiferman for the book ME. Here Now ©Marvin Heiferman 2017 

published by Fall Line Press  in 2017 
60 pages; size 340x240mm; 20 images; color; softcover with Singer binding;
ISBN 978-0-9986490-0-9.
Essay by Marvin Heiferman, designed by Hans Gremmen.

250 copies
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Total Flag 

Corinne Vionnet’s Total project is an examination of symbols, viewing them as they are transmitted and multiplied, and as they experience processes of transformation and collapse. Vionnet has located a small cluster of motifs, which she examines through processes of reproducibility - our media ecologies and systems of production and reproduction.
In Total Flag, the screen and camera are placed into dialogue as the Star Spangled Banner is increasingly diluted and scorched by its repetition.
(Short extract - Duncan Wooldridge)
Self-published in 2018;
48 pages; size 270x190mm; Risograph printing on Fedrigoni paper; softcover with Singer binding.
200 copies 

Photo Opportunities

We travel, we see a monument, we take a picture. Framing sites of mass tourism in our viewfinders, we create photographic souvenirs that are integral to the touristic experience. Conducting keyword searches of famed monuments in photo sharing web sites, Swiss /French artist Corinne Vionnet culled thousands of tourists’ snapshots for her series Photo Opportunities. Weaving together numerous photographic perspectives and experiences, the artist builds her own impressionistic interpretations – ethereal structures which float gently in a dream-like haze of blue sky.

At the core of Corinne Vionnet’s artistic practice are topographical themes, namely the interaction between nature and humankind.

published by Kehrer Verlag in 2011; 20x24cm; 80 pages, 42 images; color.
Foreword by Madeline Yale.

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