The Fall

Extract from video - 3 minutes 
The video is too heavy to show it online. Please contact us if any interest to purchase it or to exhibit it. 

The Fall is intended to be an allegory of human decline. This first episode is the result of our research into, and perception of, the way in which the Earth’s resources are being depleted. As a consequence of imminent ecological destruction, we are facing an uncertain future, with an aggravation of tensions and an increase in the risk of violent
conflict.  Water turning into blood symbolises the emerging threats. Created by computer-generated imagery, the waterfall gives a picture of a world built on artificial values, and on the illusion of a better future. The slowness and insistence of these images illustrates our long, slow and, above all, inevitable fall.

The Fall, Corinne Vionnet and Laurent Pavy, 2018 


The Fall
Corinne Vionnet & Laurent Pavy
self-published POD (first copy in October 2018); 922 pages; 450 images color; Softcover; screw post binding; housed in a case.
Printed in our studio
5 copies / 2 copies left!


Chinati Week-end, at Maintenant art center, Marfa, TX